Who We Are

Trailhead is a consulting company established to assist young adults, primarily in high school, college, and recently graduated, who desire a greater understanding of their strengths, opportunities, and passions to help get them on the right academic and/or career path. Young people today flounder in part because they were raised with the confidence that they can do anything and be extraordinary. That, in combination with the seemingly infinite choices for colleges and careers, can be overwhelming.

We are the proactive solution, providing students and other young adults with the benefit of identifying their strengths and passions early on which will guide them in making smarter academic and career decisions. The process is a short program that takes the client through an in-depth interview, a psychologically validated profile assessment, and a thorough feedback session. At the end of the program, a summary booklet is provided for the client to keep that will be a great reference tool for years to come. For more information about our process and what to expect, please visit the Our Services page.

The outcome of the program will provide our clients with the advantage of knowing which academic and career choices will lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment. It is no secret that people perform best when engaging in academics and careers in which they excel. There are also financial benefits, as students will spend less time and fewer resources in college if they graduate on time and don’t change their majors. Additionally, the program helps to avoid job-jumping, which can blemish a resume, by assisting the young professional in choosing the right career path the first time around.

In summary, the Trailhead Program will provide students and young adults with the tools they need to make substantiated life-changing choices. The summary booklet they receive upon completion of the program can be shared with school counselors, academic advisors, coaches, and more so that they are armed with information that can help the client with a variety of academic and professional opportunities.

Sissy Ruhl

Sissy’s motivation to start Trailhead was very personal. She was in school with hopes of going on to become a doctor, but she had no backup plan in case life took her in another direction. When she decided that medical school and the life of a doctor weren’t for her, she didn’t know what to do or where to turn. After many long conversations about her future plans, Sissy realized she wasn’t alone in her struggle to find her path in life. So, with her dad as her business partner, she set out to help other young people like herself find direction and guidance—Trailhead was born. Sissy’s own profile assessment results verify how uniquely fitting this job is for her. The attributes necessary for guiding young adults to make life-changing decisions about their futures include empathy, sociability, abstract reasoning ability, and thoroughness, all of which Sissy has in abundance. Data aside, her primary goal is to help young adults lessen, eliminate, or altogether avoid the stress and anxiety that come with planning their futures.

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