Advantages of Personalized Career and Academic Advising

When many young adults look ahead at their academic or career future, it can be overwhelming to determine the right path to choose. It is not uncommon for a college student to change their mind a few years into a four, six or eight-year degree on the career they want to pursue – sometimes more than once. It is also more common than ever to struggle finding a position in a chosen field in a highly competitive job market. At Trailhead Consulting, our mission is to help young adults find the right path by offering personalized career and academic advising that will help them achieve success in a field that will give them fulfillment.

What Makes Trailhead Consulting Different?

While there are often career and academic counselors available for high school and college students on campus, the level of engagement is not the same as the personalized approach we use at Trailhead Consulting. A high school counselor is valuable in helping you begin exploring options, but many do not have the time or tools available to create a personalized plan based on your strengths, goals and personality. The same is true for college-level advisors. Our approach is designed to look specifically at each of our clients’ needs and goals based on their profile assessment to find the best options to help them achieve success and guide them through the process.

Strategic Planning for the Future

Choosing the wrong path for your academic and career future can be costly – both in time and money. Changing majors or switching directions can mean months or years of extra education and expense. For those just finishing high school or those in the first years of college, our services can provide a strategic plan to get from where you are now to the place you want to go – even if you are not sure where that is at this moment. Our certified consultants can provide:

  • Profile assessment using scientific methods
  • Individualized consulting to interpret results and apply them to real-life success
  • Identification of career goals early, to create a clear path for personal and career fulfillment

This is not just a one-time advising session to point you on the right path for success and hope you can navigate your way. We work with young adults at various stages of pursuing their career, from choosing the best jobs and areas of study to achieving success in college and in the job market.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the choices in front of you as a young adult, or not sure how to proceed to becoming successful in your chosen field, come talk to one of our certified consultants at Trailhead Consulting. We offer a free introductory session to begin exploring your options through our personalized, proven approach.