What to Ask About Benefits During Your Interview

When you interview for job at a company, it is understandable to have a mindset that is focused on that “yes” moment, where you accept the offer. While you may be concentrating on answering questions related to your competency and hoping you meet the interview panel’s expectations, an interview is also your chance to learn more about the company.  A discussion about the benefits a company offers should not be put on the back burner during your interview. A lot of candidates fail to realize that benefits have the potential to make up a large percentage of their wage. Some corporations offer in excess of 40% in compensation through benefits, which can greatly increase the employee’s takeaway salary. If you don’t ask about benefits during an interview, you are doing yourself an incredible disservice.

Become Informed About Benefits

The majority of corporations will advertise the basic structure of their benefits on their website and other media. By the time you reach the point of an interview, you should be aware of the benefits of working for each business. Make sure you have researched these benefits and are prepared to discuss them with the interview panel.

There is no shame in not knowing about any particular aspect of a benefit program. Asking questions about benefits will only serve to show you are a candidate who wants to succeed. Contrary to popular belief, most corporations want to hire people who are committed to improving their position in the workplace – even if that means you will move onto greener pastures.

Asking Questions

The benefits that a company offers may not directly benefit you, even if they are great. It is important to keep your family’s or your own needs in mind when asking questions about benefits. Most people think about medical benefits when they interview with a company. Will the medical benefits available suit my needs? If they don’t, you may want to keep your options open and investigate what other companies have to offer.

It is perfectly fine to ask the hard questions about benefits coverage. If you accept a position and end up paying extra for the benefits that your family needs, you have essentially accepted a job offer with a company that is costing you money. A lot of companies recognize that family circumstances are diverse and are on board with offering benefits that are tailored to the modern family.

Read the Small Print on Earning Benefits

Benefits are designed to attract candidates. It is therefore important to delve into the benefits offered by each company. For instance, a particular benefit may rely on you achieving certain goals. Pushing employees to achieve their best is not a bad thing, but if the key performance indicators (KPIs) are impossible to achieve, you are never going to achieve your targets and qualify for those benefits.

It is also a good idea to think about your own skill-set and experience when asking about benefits. Besides medical and other benefits that come as perks of the job, you have to wonder if additional benefits are achievable with your current skill-set. Learning on the job is an option, but you are taking a gamble when you accept a position in an area where you are out of your depth.

The takeaway from asking about benefits during an interview is that this is your chance to discover aspects of the position that will benefit you. Ultimately your goal is to ensure that you choose an employer who will provide you with benefits that will make your life more comfortable. Choose wisely because you may find yourself stuck with an employer who isn’t aligned with your vision of a career that is beneficial to you or your family.

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