Building Your Resume Before You Graduate

Nothing is more disheartening than finishing years of college only to find that getting a job is more work than college ever was. The vicious cycle of needing experience to get a job and not getting experience because you don’t have a job can be very frustrating. Not all fields of study have this problem, but if you are in one that does, don’t despair. There are ways of building your resume before you graduate, which can put you in a better position after graduation.

Ground Zero: Networking

This isn’t about going to get-togethers and schmoozing with people while you sample the free food. If you are serious about building your resume you will want to sharpen your networking skills and use them to find opportunities in your chosen field now. By getting to know people in your field, you will not only get a clearer picture of what you are up against, you’ll make acquaintances in the field and become privy to opportunities you may have missed otherwise.

Networking isn’t limited to the formalities of networking gatherings. It can be availing yourself of your professor’s invitation to meet and discuss a matter in depth. Students do not realize the value of taking advantage of their professor’s office hours. Your instructors have a lot of valuable information to share, and they have contacts.

Family members may also have information about opportunities from which you may benefit. Think beyond your immediate family, to aunts and uncles, perhaps even their friends. Let people know you are interested in pursuing available options.

Take Advantage of Internships and Research Opportunities

Through your networking, you may find out about internships that are available in your chosen field. Some of these positions come with stipends and some do not. Either way, internships give you an edge when it comes to looking for a job. Some situations may turn into employment after graduation, so always put your best foot forward. Additionally, in many fields like the sciences, research is an invaluable learning experience that looks great on a resume.

Volunteer Your Time

Many people have found themselves landing jobs or better positions because of the volunteer experiences they have had. Not only do you get on-the-job experience with volunteering, it also says a lot about you as a person. Not everyone has what it takes to sacrifice their time to do volunteer work. If you have the time and the heart for it, volunteering is an excellent way to build your resume and get experience too. If you cannot find opportunities to volunteer in your chosen field, look for opportunities in related fields.

The consultants at Trailhead Consulting are skilled in helping people find ways to build their resumes. You can have face-to-face time with one of our consultants or contact us online! We’ll be happy to help you find the best ways to fill your resume with activities that will prepare you for future employment.