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The Trailhead Pathways program was developed to help individuals identify their strengths, opportunities, interests, and passions. At the end of the program, we outline for them career options in which they will be happy, successful, and fulfilled. Though we do provide the information necessary to make such a life-impacting decision, the ultimate choice is for the client to make.

We use two tools to arrive at our conclusions: the psychologically validated Caliper Profile assessment and our comprehensive interview process. All Trailhead consultants are certified to analyze and interpret the results of the Caliper Profile. They are trained to see the subtle implications of a vast array of data which are used in the career planning process.

While the Caliper Profile identifies personality attributes and innate behaviors, it does not take into consideration a person’s likes and dislikes, their past work and academic experience, or their dreams and passions. We use the interview session to get to know the client on a very personal level, and in that way, we are able to better help them plan for their future.

The summary booklet presented at the end of the Trailhead Pathways program includes a summary of the consultant’s findings as well as insight into what led them to such conclusions. The booklet also includes the results of the Caliper Profile assessment and a section of job descriptions for the selected careers. The information provided in this booklet is yours to keep and use the way you like. It can be shared with others and referenced over time, and it should be used to make smart career and academic choices.

Both our in-person and virtual consultations can be done in two sessions plus the completion of the profile assessment—a three- to four-hour time commitment in total. The first session is a getting-to-know-you interview, which typically lasts between an hour and an hour and a half (1-1.5 hours). The profile assessment takes approximately one hour (1 hour) to complete and is done on the computer either in the office or from home. The second session is the feedback session during which our advisor reviews the results and their recommendations. This feedback session takes between an hour and an hour and a half as well (1-1.5 hours). In addition, both in-person and virtual clients have access to a complimentary thirty-minute follow-up session within one year. Our prices are all-inclusive, and of course, all conversations and materials will remain confidential between Trailhead and the client.

In Person


Our in-person consultations allow the client and consultant to interact face-to-face. The two sessions are conducted in person, while the assessment may be completed either in-office or online.



Virtual consultations allow the client to meet with the consultant via video chat from the comforts of home, no matter where home may be. Two sessions and the assessment are all conducted online.

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