Tips for Making Your First Year at College Successful

Your freshman year at college will be exciting and possibly a little terrifying! Everything is new and the future is rather unknown. You can get clarity and make it a more successful year with some pre-planning. Preparing for your college experience with the help of Trailhead Consulting will position you to make better choices for your schooling and your career path.

Passions, Plans and Pathways

It is not uncommon for college students to change majors in the middle of their schooling. It is also not uncommon for college graduates to go into a completely different field from the one they studied; this is not always due to lack of jobs in their chosen field. There are a few reasons people change their minds.

Some college students feel destined, or called, to follow a particular path of study. Others have always had an interest in a certain subject. Still others only know they want to go to college but don’t have a clear picture of what field they want to explore.

What subjects excite you? What motivates you or piques your interest? If you don’t have any idea what you are interested in, there are career assessment tools available to help you see where your interests lie. You may be surprised at what can be revealed in using such an assessment. Career pathways you never considered might be brought to light.

You might have a passion for a field that doesn’t seem very lucrative or may be extremely difficult to get into. Looking at the field from other vantage points can reveal ways to feed your passion from a more accessible avenue. Time with a skilled career consultant can show you how to make this happen.

Creating a plan to help you get on a particular career pathway that resonates with you is a key tactic to being successful, not just in your first year, but throughout your college career.  While the overall goal is your career path, there are many smaller steps to take that will lead you there.

Choosing Your School

Whether you have solid plans for your chosen career path or you need flexibility to figure things out, choosing a school to fit your needs is important. For the undecided, a liberal arts education may provide, at the very least, a gateway to broader options. For those who are clear on their journey’s direction, choosing a school known for that particular field of study will help you be well prepared.

Trailhead Consulting has professional consultants and assessment tools to help you get clarity on the decisions you need to make in preparation for your college career. Getting into school is only one part of the process. Knowing your strengths and areas that need shoring up will help you make wise decisions about the schools you choose and how to make your first year at college successful.